Halloween Tombstones

Tombstone Props for your Halloween Graveyard

Halloween Tombstone Props and Decorations

Fill Your Halloween Graveyard with Tombstones!

Do you need tombstone props and supplies for your cemetery or yard this Halloween? If you’re decorating for Halloween, here you will find an assortment of quality, authentic-looking gothic tombtones, coffins, gravestones, cemetery gates and more to complete your spooky graveyard!

Halloween tombstone, skull with RIPThis skull tombstone on the left is made of high quality styrofoam and airbrushed with effects to make it look ancient and gothic. It comes with a skull, several “cracks” and says “RIP.” It’s 15 inches wide and nearly 3 feet tall.

Tombstones come in a variety of styles and inscriptions, and to complete your Halloween graveyard, you’ll want a variety of scary looking graves and coffins to tease the visitor at your haunted house. Include some with funny inscriptions to add a bit of fun, of course, as well as some visual and sound effects to make it look like ghosts and spirits are almost alive out the corner of your eye!

You’ll want a variety of props to complete your spooky cemetery, so check out our complete list of tombstones to finish your yard decor. Here’s a couple ideas:

Complete Your Gothic Cemetary

A graveyard is not complete without a couple additional touches. At the least, you need a bags of moss and a graveyard fence. A couple skeletal hands thrusting through the ground will give your trick or treaters a scary thrill, and a raven prop will add that literary flair a la Edgar Allen Poe, the master of horror.

Where to Purchase Halloween Tombstone Decorations

There’s two places I’d recommend for the best selection of tombstone props:

Buycostumes.com – The premier online Halloween retailer, Buycostumes sells a great assortment of props, from simple but effective headstones, to Celtic crosses, skulls, and even battery-operated glowing eyes!

Tombstone of TerrorHalloweenexpress.com – With over 300 retail stores and a strong online presence, Halloweenexpress is a dynamic and growing company with over 17,000 products! For tombstones, they offer an awesome selection of tombstone designs not seen anywhere else. Wish to go beyond a simple gravemarker? Check these out:

  • How about The Tombstone of Terror, an awesome 6 foot tall animatronic zombie popping out of the tombstone to scare the wits out of your guests? (See image on right)
  • A trio of tombstones with horrifying open mouths and holes through them. Simply attach hoses from your fog machine and have them “exhale” petrifying smoke from the damned!
  • Or how about Pharoh’s Coffin, realistically detailed on all sides and standing over 6 feet tall?

The Inspired Gothic Graveyard

You and your neighbors will likely know that one house on the block that goes all out – the lights, the fog, the spooky music and the scary special effects. Just how do they do it? Well, there’s definitely a lot of tricks to deceive the eye, but mainly it’s the way they put in the lighting to create spooky shadows, a hidden fog machine or two, some well disguised speakers and some animated props.

You can learn more on creating that professional-looking graveyard by visiting other home haunter sites, visiting a cemetery in your neighborhood, viewing how set designers create graveyard sets in movies, and even looking at pictures of cemeteries. There’s lots of great info on tombstones, from designs to symbolism.

Here’s a couple neat facts and ideas:

  • Celtic crosses were not used for tombstones until the mid 19-th century. In the early middle ages, they were used as monuments in Ireland
  • Collect all your dryer lint through the year. Mix with green craft paint and glue and apply to your tombstones when still wet. Voila, instant moss for your graveyard! (Tip courtesy of “How To Haunt Your House“)
  • A spooky cemetery is all about lighting. Place your lights hidden on the ground so they shine up into the face of your grave markers
  • Styrofoam may sound cheap, but it’s arguably the best material to make tombstones with – you can carve it into any shape you want, you can create etchings, and paint it. Using high-density material and with proper paint, they can be re-used for years!

If this is your first time creating a haunted yard, even just a couple tombstones will turn your house from ho hum to scary wow this Halloween!

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