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Tombstone Props for your Halloween Graveyard

Animated Tombstones

What’s more spooky than a Halloween tombstone? Animated tombstones! Make your graveyard come alive … ur, become undead with tombstones that move and make sound effects and other special effects to scare the wits out of your visitors!

If you don’t want to risk running power lines around your gravestone decorations, inviting tripping hazards and fire, buying animated tombstones is the perfect idea! Most run on standard batteries, so you simply load them in, click the on button, and they come to “life”!

Of course, being electrical, make sure your animated headstone doesn’t get too wet.

animated tombstoneGothic Animated Tombstones

This tombstone, called “The Lifter“, is a ghoul whose face lights up – his eyes will glow red. This Gothic creature didn’t like to be buried, so he repeatedly lifts the tombstone over his head while making creepy, monstrous sound effects and phrases. The figure is 2 and a half feet tall and requires 3 double A batteries. Use indoors or outdoors in a sheltered area.

Another neat idea is to construct a tombstone with no power – let the wind “rustle” parts of the prop. For instance, a Halloween haunter built lightweight fingers into his gravestone that can “move” in the breeze.

wailing bride animated tombstoneUndead Tombstone Bride

This bride doesn’t want to stay dead, and will seek vengeance from the man who took “till death do us apart” too literally! At certain intervals, the tombstone will suddenly crack open with a horrifying shriek, and the head of the bride will lift out of the ground, wailing. This takes 3 triple-A batteries, and is 3 feet high.

I really love this tombstone, because it’s so unexpected. While others will moan, shake and grown, I’ve never actually seen one split open and a monster popping out. This prop will definitely bring on the screams at your Halloween haunt!

Create Your Own Animated Tombstone:

Animated tombstones are very effective props for any Halloween graveyard, and it gives your haunt that extra scare factor. Have one slightly hidden among your regular tombstones, and when unsuspecting trick or treater’s or party visitors come to your door or congregate at your cemetery, they will suddenly get the wits scared out of them when one of the headstones suddenly moves!

Make sure it’s off center so it’s not the focal point – more towards the edge, in the shadows, will be the best. That way, when your tombstone activates, it will be completely unexpected. Boo! Have a great Halloween!

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