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Looking to bring some historical flair to your Halloween graveyard? Add Celtic cross tombstones to the mix!

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Celtic Tombstone PropWhen St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland back in the middle ages, the Celtic symbol of the circle was mixed with the cross to bring about a completely original and beautiful design, the Celtic cross. These were built by Irish monks from various monasteries throughout the island, which at that time constituted the centers of art, education and craftsmanship. This can be seen in such beautiful illuminated works such as the Book of Kells, Celtic knot patterns and, of course, tombstone sculptures.

Continue this tradition by incorporating some of these works of art in your cemetery! Here’s a couple great examples:

Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone:

Made of high density Styrofoam, this tombstone prop has a realistic face with moss detailing. It measures a smallish 22 inches high, but what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in flair! Comes with two stakes as well.

Spooky Celtic Cross GravestoneSpooky Celtic Cross

If you love variety in a haunted graveyard (and who doesn’t?), then this prop will make a fabulous addition to your Halloween prop collection! Measuring 3 and a half feet tall, it looks like ancient bronze burnished with green streaks to give it that old, weathered look. The center of the cross has a spooky skull embedded, and the base says R.I.P.

Engraved throughout, you will have to look hard to realize it’s just Styrofoam! Comes with two stakes to anchor it to the ground. Available at Amazon.

Celtic Cross Symbolism

So, why did the Irish incorporate a circle onto the cross? The answer, just like most things, is ambiguous. The true meanings are lost to history, but the myths and legends survive. One of the most enduring legends is that St. Patrick, while preaching to the Irish, was lead to a sacred standing stone. This was marked with a circle, symbol of the moon goddess. Patrick then inscribed the cross through the circle and blessed it, thus creating the first Celtic Cross. Most of these crosses were used for monuments, not gravestones (that use would not be seen until the Victorian period.)

This legend, if it is real, is symbolic of how Christianity spread in the first place – by appropriating pagan symbols and beliefs into their own, to help the populace accept the faith. In Ireland, Druids simply became Christian priests, and Irish Christianity has forever sense been infused with Celtic symbols and beliefs found no where else.

When building your graveyard, consider the Celtic Cross. It will bring a sense of ancient history and mysticism to your Halloween home haunt, all the while scaring the begeezes out of trick or treaters!

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