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Halloween Tombstone Buying Guide

Halloween tombstone propWhen it comes to purchasing Halloween decorations, the budget is always tight. Let’s be serious, nobody wants to spend a fortune on decorations they will only use for a couple of days. Yet, spending little money does not always mean giving up quality. Below you will find some tips which will help you choose the perfect tombstone decorations for this Halloween and the years to come.

Budget Your Halloween Purchases

The best thing to do when you do not want to spend too much money on your Halloween tombstones is to reduce their number. Yes, you may find the need to fill in your lawn with numerous such decorations, but think about next year, and buy after Halloween when everything is on sale. Generally, when you want to purchase lots of items for a few dollars you are very likely to get what you have paid for: poor quality tombstones which do not resist well in harsh weather conditions, which tend to brittle, whose color fade away and look extremely damaged after a couple days of exposure.

On the other hand, if you choose to go for quality products (which may come slightly more expensive), not only will you get a great tombstone looking like it has just been brought from the cemetery, but you will also have a resistant piece of décor that can be reused next year. Thus, you give value to your money. In time you can collect the tombstones and even fulfill your dream of having your entire lawn covered with Halloween tombstones.

While most stores (online or brick and mortar shops) are now selling high quality tombstones for reasonable prices, there are still merchants which have poorly made tombstones. This is why it is best to check online reviews (if you’re buying online) and the weight and thickness of the tombstone if you buy in store – look for high-density Styrofoam, as these weather the best and will give you years of scares.

Spooky Celtic Cross GravestoneType of Tombstone

Another thing to consider when purchasing your Halloween tombstones is the type of decoration you are going to adopt this year. If you are going for a hilarious theme party/costumes/house decoration, then your tombstones must be funny too – choose those with funny epitaphs, bright colors and skeletons seeming to greet your guests.

On the other hand, when choosing a creepy, spooky theme, your tombstones must tune in, so go for some dark and creepy Halloween tombstones to scare your guests. For this, you’re looking for a more Gothic, realistic look, with unkempt grass in your yard, decrepit headstones, gargoyles, black ravens, spooky lighting (to do this, place lights on the ground rather than have them shine above) and shadowy beasts. Take your same cheerful skeleton from your fun party and drape him in an old, moth-bitten black shroud and bury him half way in the ground, making it look like he’s shambling out.

Material of Tombstone

Last, but not least, you should make up your mind on the type of material you want the tombstone to be made of. There should be only one type to choose – Styrofoam. This may sound “cheap,” but there is a type of foam used that is rugged, sturdy, weather-resistant yet inexpensive and light. They are much better than the old plastic you used to see (or still see) sold at department stores, which tend to fade and break. More importantly, foam tombstones look much more realistic than plastic – the foam face looks almost identical to stone, when painted the right way. Most professionals use high density foam in their Halloween constructions, and most online Halloween stores will only sell foam-based tombstone props.

Whether you are looking for a creepy tombstone or a funny one, remember to always purchase quality items you can use the years to come. Only this way you will be able to give value to your money and have a cool decoration for Halloween!

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