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How to Build a Halloween Graveyard

Build Your Own GraveyardA cemetery is a must for anybody building a yard haunt for Halloween. Not only is it fun to create, but trick or treaters look forward to see how you created it and the funny epitaphs you put on each tombstone. Lighting, special effects, and layout are all important, as are the tombstones themselves. Ready to raise the dead with your project? Here’s how to build a Halloween graveyard.

The first thing you will have to do has to do with preparation. For this you have to let nature work in your favor. The perfect graveyard has a neglected look with lots of grass, yellow leaves and even some small branches fallen off the nearby trees. So, give your lawn mower a vacation the last couple weeks in the fall and let the lawn as natural as possible. Long grass equals a more ragged, Gothic look – visitors will never know what’s lurking behind the tall, sharp blades of dying grass! (Perhaps huge rats with glowing red eyes?)

Once you have the perfect natural landscape, it is time for planning. Because most people have a limited budget and high expectations for their lawn, it is always recommend to plan carefully the way in which the decoration will look like before actually purchasing the necessary items. This will prevent you from purchasing unnecessary items, thus allowing you to spend more on the things you will use.

Halloween graveyard fenceThink about all the aspects of the graveyard, starting with the pointers to direct people to and through your graveyard and ending with the appropriate lights for the setting. Think about the way in which you position the graveyard so that passersby and trick-or-treaters have a great view of it. If you have trees or fences bordering your property, include that in your design – the more natural enclosures, the better and easier. Decide which one of the views is more important for you and position the graveyard accordingly. Also, give more attention to the tombstones, as in most cases they are the center of the graveyards. Choose few quality items, personalize the tombstones and you can be sure that your graveyard will be a total hit this year.

Once you have all the items, it is high time to put them in place. Put the Halloween tombstones first, add some dried flowers in the front and some candles (preferably electrical ones to avoid fire) for an accurate representation of the graves. Then place some skulls in between them, add some skeleton hands thrusting their way out of the ground and some ghosts travelling through the graveyard for a creepy, spooky look. If you have trees, bushes or pillars make sure you include them in your decoration too. You can use spider webs to interconnect them or use some orange, white or yellow lights to give them that Halloween look.

A successful graveyard involves attention to all details, time and dedication. Expect to spend around a week at it, adding items every evening and seeing how the lighting looks – after all, most trick or treaters will come to your house at twilight or after dark. Remember that no matter how many nice items you have, your graveyard will not look good if you do not invest time and passion in it!

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